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Library Information

Lieutenant Pratima Sharma

Librarian: Lt. Pratima Sharma
Date of Joining: 10.07.2000
Experience: 10+ Year
Email: pratima.nscb@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-9936250027
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About Library

Library Motto

“Be a Catalyst to knowledge and thought through dissemination, documentation and communication in studies and research with blend of academic rigor and practical relevance.”

Library Vision

  • To protect the users right of information.
  • To provide values added services to the differently-abled, students & all the faculties.
  • To work in partnership with individuals and institutions for promoting students interest and building portfolios for the development of readers.
  • To enable students & faculty in context with designing and documenting activities by allowing diversity of views.
  • To create the best citizen for nation building.

Keeping with the vision Mission of the NSCB PG College, Lucknow. The central library was established in 1997 to promote knowledge through its effective dissemination of information resources. The Central Library of NSCB College has named as Ranganathan Library, the name of father of the Library Science. The Library is governed by Library Advisory Committee. The Committee is apex policy making body which function under the chairmanship of our honourable Principle of the college. The Library act as a learning resource centre of the college to supplement education and information needs of the faculty and students. The library has been played a key role in generation, preservation and communication of knowledge for education and research of the college. It provides information services and facilities to meet requirement of the teaching, training and research programmes. The seating capacity of the library is approximate 60 readers at a time. The Library services are also open to college teachers and staff.

Information Communication Technology has been changed at a very fast pace. Development of ICT has great impact on libraries all over the world. The Central library has been adapting new technologies including RFID system, smart library card self check in Kiosk library automation with SOFTGRANTH open source software, e-resources etc for providing web based information services to the library users. The library is member of National Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources of N List, INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network), Gandhinagar and NDL (National Digital Library). The Library has two rooms, one for reading room and another one is for library stack and functioning. The library remains open on each working day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for it readers. The library has its own time table for providing information with convenience, feasible distribution of information for their uses. The library has been preparing smart ID cum Library Card for the students and faculty members of the college, which is considered as the best practice of the college. Radio frequency identification RFID along with the Electromagnetic system has been implemented in the library. The Library well equipped with RFID and EM system for library automation and security of the documents. The library has a cyber/e library section with Computers and access to the Internet is functioning.

The library has Wi-Fi enabled access to the internet where the user accesses the e-resources. The students are also allowed to use their laptops and tablets & mobiles in the section. The Circulation Section provides membership to the students, teachers and staff of the college. The Books are issued to the Library users according to their privileges on all working days with class wise time table. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is done by technical section with software. Some more activities and services are also done by college Library.

Activities and Services

  • WhatsApp mobile services
  • Document delivery services
  • Institution literacy programme
  • Workshops/ Seminars
  • Reading habit awareness campaign
  • Book Exhibition
  • Reference services
  • Online resource access services
  • Wi-fi access
  • TV for news alert
  • News Paper Clipping services
"Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library."

Library Rules & Regulation

  • Every student must possess her “Library Card” while making use of Library facility and produce the same to the Library Staff on entering the Library.
  • Strict discipline must be maintained in the Library. Indiscipline may lead to disciplinary action and the library privileges may be withdrawn.
  • Two Books will be issued against one Library Card for specific number of days (Fourteen) only.
  • Reference Material should not be taken outside the Library.
  • News papers and magazines are issued against “Identity cum smart Library Card” for reading in the Reading Room only.
  • When books are issued, students should check the pages of the issued books and if pages are found missing they should report the same to the librarian before leaving the counter on returning the books if pager found missing then the last borrower of the book shell be held accountable for the missing pages and shell accordingly be fined.
  • Students are required to handle books and reading material very carefully. making library books and with pencil or ink tearing the pages of spoiling the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case the last reader will be held responsible unless he shows the librarian at the time of issues that the book had been previously marked damaged in the event of damage of any kind the last reader will be liable to compensate for damage. Books will have to be replaced.
  • It is observed that some of the students do not return the library book on o r before the due date stamps on the date slip attached in the book depriving other students. In order to prevent such student from keeping library book with them be on the due date the fine will beyond the due date be charged as decided by delivery committee.
  • Library card must be removed every year and noticed.
  • They student can be liable for getting the entrance car for examination only after some meeting all books to library.
  • Because I’m leaving certificate transfer certificate will be issued to students.
  • In case a reader loses a book she should replace the book. In case the book cannot be replaced. The current price of the book will be paid by the borrower.
  • Library cum identify card is non-transferable. Student must not lend their library card to any other students to borrow books from the library facilities will be withdrawn for students missing cards.
  • The College leaving certificate or Transfer certificate will be issued to students only after she has returned all library books and cleared all dues.
  • The students can be liable for getting her entrance card for examination only after the submitting all the books to library.
  • In case a student loses library card then the student should report the loss of card immediately to the librarian and apply for a duplicate card on the prescribed form available at the library counter by paying new card fee.